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I am Emma J

I ride the Imaginary Bicycle

This is not really a blog about bicycles. 
     though bicycles show up frequently

This is not even a blog about bicycling
     though there's lots of that

This is a blog about obsession.

It's about bicycles and cycling as a vehicle to change.

This site is obsessed with change, seasons, long cycling trips, daily biking, overheard conversations, dead poets, how everyone has to grow up, beautiful vegetables growing from seed, climbing hills, roadside flowers, true love, mortality, bike baskets, farmer's markets, brown eggs, food banks, light on water, second chances, public spaces, and pomegranates.

I'm just glad to have your company along the way.

the most popular posts from each year
past rides


Perils with Pigeons  - the first post - long but absurd - with a full cast including drunken sailor, fluffy-haired priest, wailing women, escapees, and a sometime shaman

something sensational (2009)  - the highlights of 2009's most likable posts: love's golden apple, what a stupid hound the heart is, paranoid charades, biking up hills, sandhill cranes, Quantum Guy, connoisseur of fallen apples, shabby angels, the joke potential in urology, discontentment's power, and computers with bedroom voices

A Message from the Archivist (jan - july 2010)  in the first half of 2010: Chinese menus and zodiak love, cancer, kvetching, biking weekend away, remembering punchlines, how I am wrong and the beauty of diatoms

things that still spin (aug - dec 2010) and in 2010's second half: lots of biking, many ways of saying goodbye, Hershey kisses and the Muse, thanking sarcasm and pillows

hot february (jan - may 2011) The first half of 2011 brings you the sweet spot, turning pigeons into doves, tongues of love and other bad translations
100_4282 (2)

no news like old news (june - dec 2011)   The second half of 2011 is all about change: true confessions,  love among math nerds, 12 secrets to raising daughters, and the reason for blackberries

a sampling of posts by topic
By bike

Long love


Fighting the writing

Mortality & other difficulties
Thank You, Safety 
Things I Will Stop Doing Sometime Soon

A town somewhere
18th Street Thinking Pink
Future Cycle: Small Town Revival (of 24:1) Public Green 
Future Cycle: Small Town Revival (of 24:2) Old-fashioned Roses & Community Spirit 
Future Cycle: Small Town Revival (of 24:3) A Morning's Ride Away 
Future Cycle: Small Town Revival (of 24:4) The Town Itself 
Future Cycle: Small Town Revival (of 24:5) The Heart of the Matter 
Future Cycle: Small Town Revival (of 24:6) Eating Local 
Future Cycle: Small Town Revival (of 24:7) Backyard Bounty 
Future Cycle: Small Town Revival (of 24:7½) . . . and Chickens 
Future Cycle: Small Town Revival (of 24:the end?) coming to the F.E.A.S.T.
inexpressible privacy
Thank You, Hydrangea 
this was once your life

The mathiness
arrows of flowers, bowstring of bees 
functions modelling change
learning math: leaping from a jewel-encrusted parapet 
vectors of desire: 18 easy lessons 
vectors of flight: initial resistance 

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